Dragon Age Those Who Speak4stars



The Graphic Adventure Continues

By David Gaider, Alexander Freed, Dave Marshall & Chad Hardin
Dark Horse Comics, $14.99, 63 pages

Continuing the story started in the video game series, “Dragon Age”, the second graphic novel of the series by lead author David Gaider, starts with a familiar cast of characters. The premise is that King Alistair is searching for his father, King Maric, who may not be dead after all. Coming along for the ride is the pirate captain Isabella and crossbow wielding dwarf Varric. The book follows the trio to Tevinter, a dangerous land with mages, slaves and (of course) many enemies and through their eventual imprisonment by the Qunari. There are hijinks galore throughout the book, as would be expected with someone like Isabella along for the ride and a few surprises and new alliances built throughout the book. The graphics are nicely done and create a good sense of atmosphere throughout the various places the characters visit. Fans of the game and the other novels will enjoy this addition to the series.

Reviewed by Barbara Cothern

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