Explosive Eighteen A Stephanie Plum Novel5stars



The Stupid Leading the Even Dumber

By Janet Evanovich
Bantam Books, $8.99, 334 pages

Janet Evanovich does it again with her eighteenth novel of a young hapless bail bonds person who fell unprepared into an aggressive profession with her Stephanie Plum series in Explosive Eighteen. The story picks right up with a new adventure for Stephanie as she vacations in Hawaii.

You’ll need to prepare yourself for this read; put your adult diaper on because you will pee your pants laughing! Lula’s eating habits, police sketch artists’ renderings, quirky boss with ever-changing offices, and obnoxious bail runners will keep you roaring and wanting more even though your sides are splitting. But why do we love this series so? The characters are all a bunch of bungling idiots including our protagonist (seriously, a bail bondsman gets her car stolen seven times by the very purse snatcher she’s trying to bring in to justice?!?). Regardless of the lack of plausibility, Evanovich knows how to spin a truly good plot while weaving in hysterical hi-jinks for no other reason but shameless entertainment. The subject matter itself holds back a wider audience which to this reviewer is a tragedy since Stephanie Plum should be required reading for all!

Reviewed by M. Chris Johnson

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