Forget the Resume The Serious Job Finder's Playbook4stars



A Worthy Tool to Help You Find a Job

By John Lee
LeeCore Publishing, $20.95, 106 pages

Forget the Resume: The Serious Job Finder’s Playbook by John Lee targets two groups: newly graduated students and down-sized or underemployed professionals. This is a workbook-style publication intended to be written on, dog-eared and referred to as a tool for finding employment. There is a six-week structure to the book and lots of supporting information such as what doesn’t work anymore, a template for what does work and tons of real-life examples. This colorful book is full of graphics and charts. The highlighted boxes titled, “Reality Check” offer good insights. Forget the Resume concludes with ten plus exhibits of specific examples that Lee refers to in the book.

Lee has created a targeted approach to identifying companies to work for. He provides structure and worksheets to keep the job seeker focused on the task at hand—finding a job in a very tough, competitive market. If you are seeking employment, this is a tool that should be part of your employment strategy.

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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