Fruit Gardener's Bible A Complete Guide to Growing Fruits and Nuts in the Home Garden5stars



Treasure This Like the Bible

By Lewis Hill and Leonard Perry
Storey Publishing, $24.95, 318 pages

This beautiful garden guide offers spectacular, pictorial hints for the home gardener to produce finer fruit, nuts, berries, in a symbiotic garden habitat. Divided into short, illustrative chapters that range from seasonal care, pruning, wintering over, and production the authors present logical and creative steps for the novice as well as tips to advance the seasoned master. This “bible” is divided into four major sections that focus on Getting Started, Berries and Brambles, Tree Fruits, Ground Berries, and Nuts. The guide features garden layout choices and alternatives for small and very small spaces with some very creative espalier (tree training) options. There are also options for basket and potted berry gardeners. All in all The Fruit Gardener’s Bible is very much like illustrated versions of the more formal Bible; plenty of pictures and illustrations to spark the imagination, but clearly not the entire depth and breadth of the story. For the whole picture, consult the excellent resource guide at the back with links and suggestions to a wide variety of websites, nurseries, and field guides. Easy to navigate. Delightful to peruse. Great ideas on every page.

Reviewed by Bryan Burch

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