Jimmy Is a Bully




Jimmy Is a Bully

By Sherrill S. Cannon
Strategic Book Publishing, $13.00, 32 pages

Gimme-Jimmy is a picture book in rhyme about a bully named Jimmy, who hates to share. His father told Jimmy, “You’d better be careful, you must understand, your greed may show up in the size of your hand. Your hand will get bigger, the more that you take, and you will be sorry you made this mistake. Your poor little hand will continue to grow, until it will rest on the top of your toe.” Jimmy takes and takes, and his hand gets bigger and bigger. It even gets the size of his head.

Find out what happens to Jimmy’s hand. How can he get it smaller? Other children are beginning to notice! Jimmy knows that Dad may have the answer to shrink his hand. Does Jimmy listen to Dad? When a child understands that he is truly hurting others he becomes more mature. Find out what Jimmy does to remind himself not to be a bully!

As a teacher Sherrill Cannon has witnessed all experiences of childhood and has put her expertise to use as an author. She brings together delightful messages of the importance of being a polite and basically well rounded great kid. I read this to my son in medical school as he was eating his lunch and he chuckled and giggled all the way through. This is a fun book for all ages!

Reviewed by Rhonda Fischer

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