Groupon’s Biggest Deal Ever2stars



Written by Groupon’s PR Department

By Frank Sennett
St. Martin’s Press, $25.99, 310 pages,

Groupon was once the darling of the new wave of digital commerce. It offered a new way for people to save money in stores, while offering stores a new avenue to attract new people. The idea of offering people coupons through email was simple and radical at the same time. By offering discounts businesses were able to get people into their store on slow days, increasing revenue and possibly getting customers for life. It was founded by the young Andrew Mason, who quickly turned into a millionaire. After rejecting Google they went public, and since then it has all been downhill. Frank Sennett wrote a glowing book about a company that few people even talk about, which is odd since Groupon is not doing so well. Mr. Sennett attempts to gloss over the mistakes and the problems the company has faced and only talks to the upper management and founders. He gives very little credence to any of the complaints about the company. This book feels as if it was written by the Groupon PR department. Skip this book.

Reviewed by Kevin Winter

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