Healthy Foods from A to Z Comida sana de la A a la Z5stars



Have Fun with Healthy Food

By Stephanie Maze, Photographed by Renee Comet
Moonstone Press, $15.95, 32 pages

Moonstone Press has outdone itself with its new children’s book, Healthy Foods from A to Z/Comida Sana de la A a la Z. From Apple to Zarzamora (blackberry), this Spanish-English bilingual hardcover book is developmentally appropriate for children three years old and up. It is not only entertaining, but serves the trifold function of teaching children their ABCs, about healthy foods, and emotions.

In many bilingual books, accompanying Spanish words appear in small print beneath “primary” English words. However, editor Stephanie Maze has been intentional about allotting equal page space for both languages. Various fruits and vegetables are presented to children, sometimes primarily in English, like HONEY (miel), and sometimes primarily in Spanish, like HIGO (fig). Fruits and vegetables are arranged into fun faces, beautifully photographed by Renee Comet, which display varying emotions for children to identify.

At the end of the book are sections for parents that list activities from grocery store games, arts and crafts with healthy foods (ex: making an animal out of an apple with toothpicks, berries, and walnuts), and little known food facts. This book is recommended to elementary school teachers and any parent who has a hard time getting their young children to eat their fruits and vegetables!

Reviewed by Emily Davis

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