I Will Always Love You Rain or Shine5stars



The Importance of Unconditional Love

By C. C. Wuerl
Vantage Press, $8.95, 25 pages, 5 stars

One of the most reassuring things a child can learn is that no matter what, their parents love them. In her book I Will Always Love You Rain or Shine, C.C. Wuerl writes about the importance of unconditional love. Every kid needs to know that they are loved and cherished. Wuerl’s illustrations depict scenarios in which kids might question whether their parents feelings for them has changed. Underneath each picture is the statement “I will always love you.” A boy covered in mud that jumps in puddles and makes messy mud pies on a rainy day is loved. A girl who spills juice on the rug or refuses to clean her room is loved. Even a child who grows up is still loved. Nobody is perfect, but that doesn’t change how a parent feels about their child. This is something kids learn from experiencing life. At the end of the book, Wuerl includes concepts that we all need to implement in our lives. For example: talking with your child face-to-face, without TV, cell phone, video games or music to cause a distraction. Life changes, but unconditional love remains the same.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin

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