Justice for Hedgehogs




Living the Good Life

By Ronald Dworkin
Belknap Press, $49.95, 528 pages

Modern day philosophy books generally get ignored by the public at large. It is a tough time to be a philosopher. Most of the time you are ignored, and shunted off to the side. One modern day standout is Ronald Dworkin, a man of letters that knows how to get us thinking; and keep us thinking long after we are done reading his work. This book, originally published in 2011, is just published in paperback, but this is the first paperback edition. In this work we explore the world of value, life, and morality; and what it requires of us. The great thing about this book, and Mr. Dworkin in particular, is that he makes the book accessible to the average reader. Most people would have trouble with modern day philosophical theories, but Ronald Dworkin brings it to a level that the average reader can understand and appreciate. You will find intriguing theories, and ways to live life. While you might not agree with his conclusions or what he says this book will make you think.

Reviewed by Kevin Winter

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