Little Critter Just a Little Sick5stars



Too Sick For School?

By Mercer Mayer
Harper, $16.99, 32 pages, 5 stars

Everyone wants to stay home from school at one time or another. Kids will relate to Little Critter in Mercer Mayer’s book Just a Little Bit Sick. Little Critter feels a bit ill so Mom lets him stay home. “Hooray!” thinks Little Critter. He has big plans. He wants to have breakfast in bed and play video games. But Mom serves him plain toast. Yuck! And Mom reminds Little Critter that he is sick and must rest in bed. Over the course of the day, Critter learns that staying home from school when you aren’t that sick isn’t fun. In fact, he has to go to the doctor! Little Critter has his ears and throat checked and he has to take medication. When they get home, Little Critter wants to play with his buddies. Mom sends him to bed. He has had such a lousy day. Tomorrow he is going back to school for sure! Mercer Mayer has been writing about Little Critter since 1975. His illustrations bring Critter’s home, school and activities to life. This book is part of the “I Can Read!” program. Just a Little Bit Sick is a “My first” reading book meant to be shared by parents or teachers with their emergent readers. You’ll find word repetition, basic language and fun illustrations. Enjoy the lessons included in each story and spread the joy of reading.

Reviewed by Kathryn Franklin

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