Mr. King's Things5stars



Old Things Become New

By Genevieve Cote
Kids Can Press, $16.95, 32 pages

Mr. King is a cat who likes to shop until he drops. He goes from store to store, buying anything that catches his eye. But this cool cat doesn’t worry at all about what to do with the things he already owns. One trip to the nearby pond and the problem is solved. Mr. King throws all his old belongings into the water without a second thought. But his things are still as good as new. One day Mr. King is fishing in the pond and he catches a really big fish…a huge monster! His friends come rushing to help him, but Mr. King is hiding. Find out what the owl, bear, squirrels, elk, rabbit and fox do to help out their best pal. In her book Mr. King’s Things, author Genevieve Cote creates a fun story that introduces a simple environmental message that young readers can understand and enjoy. There are ways that we can all make old things new again and reduce, reuse and recycle. When giving things a new home, we must all make a good choice about where to donate. Just make sure it isn’t Mr. King’s pond!

Reviewed by Kathryn Franklin

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