Odd Apocalypse4stars




By Dean Koontz
Bantam, $28.00, 355 pages

Odd Apocalypse by Dean Koontz is a thriller which involves the main character having a sixth sense where he’s able to communicate with the dead, and he sets off on a mystery that involves monsters, ghosts, and a boy locked away in a house that isn’t allowed to see daylight. ||This book tells the story of Odd Thomas, and is the fifth book in the Odd Thomas series. The author dives into the story immediately and provides very brief exposition. It’s almost like the author expects the reader to be a follower of Odd Thomas which isn’t necessarily a negative, but if the reader picks up this book ahead of the rest of the Odd Thomas series, they may find it difficult to become fully absorbed in the story, but that’s the only problem with the book. Even for a newcomer of the series the story eventually sucks in the reader, and provides an exciting story with twists, turns, and quirky characters. A follower of the series would probably have no problem jumping right into the story, but a first time reader would benefit at starting at the beginning of the series.

Reviewed by Gregory A Young

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