Perfectly Percy5stars


Bunches of Balloons

By Paul Schmid
Harper, $17.99, 32 pages, 5 stars

Percy the porcupine is a little guy with a big heart. Do you know what makes Percy very happy? Balloons! He loves balloons of any color, shape and size. But porcupines are known for their long, spiky quills. And quills do not mix well with balloons. Percy has a problem. How can he enjoy balloons without popping them on his own body? Find the answer in Paul Schmid’s charming book, Perfectly Percy. Problem solving is a very important skill for young readers to learn. Let Percy help reinforce this concept as he contemplates how to tackle his own unique problem. Percy’s sister Pearl suggests that he cover and protect each quill with a marshmallow. That way the balloons won’t pop! But this isn’t a very practical idea. Mom is too busy taking care of the baby to help. Percy has to solve this problem for himself. He thinks all day and he thinks all night. Soon he feels he is out of thoughts. Over breakfast Percy comes up with a brilliant idea, a perfectly Percy idea! Find out what the snazzy solution is that allows Percy to play with his beloved balloons without them popping! Schmid’s fun illustrations are lively and colorful. Just a few strokes of a pen create a sweet, perky porcupine.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin

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