Portland's Pearl District4.5stars



Enjoy Portland Then and Now

By Christopher S. Gorsek
Arcadia Publishing, $21.99, 127 pages

If you are a fan of the popular photography book Portland Then and Now you are bound to love Portland’s Pearl District from the Images of America photography series. Compiled by Christopher S. Gorsek, a native Portlander, the book leads the viewer through the transformation from thick forest to dense urban development by the display of early drawings and maps, and photography. Different from other photography books that lead one through history, Gorsek has chosen to leave all of the photos in black and white, even though the images range from the 1850s through the most resent Pearl renovations of the new millennia. The choice to leave all the images in black and white leaves it up to the viewer to decide when the modern era in Portland began, rather than assuming that the appearance of colored photos signals current times. This book is an excellent addition to your living room book collection.

Reviewed by Andrea Franke

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