Rumble! Roar! Dinosaurs! A Prehistoric Pop-Up4stars



Pop-Up Dinosaurs Will Delight Your Dinosaur Lover!

By Matthew Reinhart
Robin Carey Books, $6.99, 12 pages

Rumble! Roar! Dinosaurs! will delight your dinosaur-lover! There is a colorful pop-up on every page. Your little reader will see a gigantic Apatosaurus, as well as, a baby Apatosaurus. He will see the three-horned Triceratops and a clever Deinonychus looking for his next meal. There is a flying Pteranodon and a very hungry Tyrannosaurus. The last page, thankfully, gives the reader pronunciation guidelines for how to correctly pronounce each of the dinosaurs’ names. The book also includes a coloring page on the inside cover.

This is an engaging, interactive book with pop-ups, pull-tabs and lift-the-flaps on its pages. Your little reader will be mesmerized by all of the activity on each page and the very lifelike drawings of these prehistoric creatures.

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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