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By Frank J. Sileo, Illustrated by Cary Pillo
Magination Press, $9.95, 32 pages

A guide for children and their parents on good sportsmanship, Sally Sore Loser by author Frank J. Sileo, PhD, teaches a lesson about competitiveness, bullying and socialization. The illustrations by Cary Pillo are charming and easily followed by young children. The characters’ faces enhance the text of the story and show clearly how upsetting competition in games can be for young children.

“I’ve won if I’ve had fun.”

In the story, little Sally gets carried away by her desire to win. She is not gracious when she wins, and when she loses, she becomes very upset and alienates her young friends so much that they refuse to play with her. Her classmate calls her “Sally Sore Loser.” Fortunately for little Sally, she has understanding adults to guide her. Sally’s teacher explains to her, very kindly, how to be a good sport. Sally’s mother gives her some good advice: if she starts to lose a game, simply take a deep breath and say to herself, “I’ve won if I’ve had fun.”

This book also includes a “Note to Parents” section that gives basic advice to adults about their own behaviors, especially when attending their children’s games, and about setting a good example.

Reviewed by Linda J. Paul

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