Sherlock Holmes The Army of Dr. Moreau4.5stars



By Guy Adams
Titan Books, $12.95, 284 pages

Several bodies are found in the river around London. Official reports say that they are the result of gang violence. In reality, these bodies have marks of animal attacks. Moreover, it is hard to believe that such exotic animals as sharks or lions would be common habitants of the Thames or city’s streets. Mycroft Holmes supposes that these people were killed by hybrids – strange human-animal creatures – the result of Dr. Moreau’s experiments in vivisection. Many years ago these experiments were subsidized by government in purpose to accelerate evolution. They were supposed to improve human beings, make them stronger, more resilient and adaptable for different environment. The experiments believed to be ended after the murder of Dr. Moreau and his assistant by rebellious creatures on the isolated small island in the South Pacific. Who has created and stands behind these multiple creatures now? Mycroft asks his famous younger brother, Sherlock to conduct investigation and resolve this sensitive case. Guy Adams’ book Sherlock Holmes: The Army of Dr. Moreau provides the report on this case narrated, as usual, by Holmes old friend, Dr. Watson.

Reviewed by M. Chris Johnson

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