Silence Lemniscates




Silence Teaches Children to Pay Attention

By Lemniscates
Magination Press, $9.95, 32 pages

Silence encourages children to stop, be still, and listen to the world around them. In a hustling, bustling world where everyone is stimulated and engrossed in technology, sometimes it is a good reminder to take a break and focus on your surroundings.

This simple, early reader book uses mixed media collage illustrations to enhance the message that listening can help children hear everything from rustling leaves in fall to the sound of your heartbeat as you run. The images throughout the book are simple cutouts from textured, painted paper–something children could do. Undoubtedly, reading Silence will encourage children not only to relax and pay attention to their environment, but be inspired to use their creativity and look at the world in new ways.

Silence is from Magination Press, an imprint of the American Psychological Association, that focuses on self-help books for kids and the adults in their lives. Illustrations are created by Leminscates, an illustration studio of artists and designers who are on a mission to spark curiosity in children of all ages.

Reviewed by Sophie Sestero

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