Silhouettes from Popular Culture4stars



A Wonderful Mix of Old Art with Contemporary Culture

By Olly Moss
Titan Books, $16.95, 144 pages

Olly Moss is a British designer who has gained popularity with his Victorian-style silhouettes. He has created around 300 silhouettes and has an impressive client list for his posters, films, art for games and designs for retailers. You can immediately tell as you peruse through this book, that Olly has a sense of humor. The book has 150+ silhouettes in the typical black and white fashion. But Olly also renders some of the silhouettes with a dash of color, mostly red. Silhouettes from Popular Culture would be a great gift for someone who loves contemporary figures. The reader will have great fun guessing who’s who is this hardback, cloth-bound book. Olly really has mixed old art with contemporary culture to create some fun and dazzling pieces of work.

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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