The Berenstain Bears We Love Trucks!4stars



The Berenstain Bears Explore Bear Country on Wheels

By Jan & Mike Berenstain
Harper, $16.99, 32 pages

I grew up reading The Berenstain Bears books, and it’s been a joy to share the latest in the series with my young son. The Berenstain Bears: We Love Trucks! follows Grizzly Gramps, Brother, Sister and younger sister Honey Bear on a delightful romp through Bear Country.

The family heads out in Gramps’s pickup truck to pick up some items at Farmer Ben’s farm. Along the way they encounter all types of trucks. Kids will have great fun pointing out all the trucks they see, from delivery vans to mail trucks to dump trucks to ambulances to fire trucks. Part of the I Can Read series, We Love Trucks! uses simple text, a fun storyline and classic illustrations to introduce young children to the joy of reading.

Reviewed by Laura Di Giovine

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