The Crossing (Blood of the Lamb Book One)4stars



When Power Corrupts

By Mandy Hager
PYR, $17.95, 272 pages

The inhabitants of the small island, Onewere are considered special, blessed and chosen by God to serve church leaders however they can. Maryam is excited when it is finally her turn to leave her childhood behind and move to the Holy City. When she arrives, however, she finds that nothing is what it seems and that the Apostles, rather than being holy, are evil and use the sisters for their own pleasure. Maryam must find her own strength to try to escape before it is too late for her and those she cares about.

The Crossing is a riveting story of how power corrupts even those with good intentions. The author deftly shows how the focus of the people on this island becomes solely about following the leaders in the belief that they will be rewarded both on earth and in heaven. The writing nicely shows Maryam’s change from a fearful girl to a strong young woman. She is a great character: smart, questioning and resourceful. There are disturbing scenes depicted in the book but they aren’t overtly graphic and would be appropriate for older teens. The story is gripping and hard to put down.

Reviewed by Barbara Cothern

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