The Gingerbread Pirates5stars



One Delicious Holiday Story

By Kristin Kladstrup, Illustrated by Matt Tavares
Candlewick Press, $16.99, 32 pages

On Christmas Eve, Jim and his mom decide to make cookies for Santa Claus. Jim loves pirates and so they make a gingerbread pirate crew. What does the cookie captain need? A toothpick peg leg and a cookie cutlass, of course! Captain Cookie is saved from Santa’s plate when Jim takes him to his room to listen for reindeer hooves on the roof. As Jim drifts off to sleep, he wishes that his favorite pirate cookie could have his very own ship. Soon Jim is in dreamland and Captain Cookie goes on a search for his crew. But they are trapped in a glass jar, at the mercy of a cannibal named Santa! Find out what happens when the captain stands up to Santa and his hungry tummy.

In Gingerbread Pirates, by Kristin Kladstrup, a group of cookies learns the meaning of Christmas. Matt Tavares’ illustrations are beautifully detailed. Readers will spend time pouring over the watercolor and gouache pictures, searching for the tiny mouse sneaking through the scenes. Each cookie looks good enough to eat. This holiday adventure story will delight any reader hungry for a scrumptious story. On Christmas morning will Jim find his pirate cookie crew or a pile of crumbs?

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin

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