The Global Game Changers5stars



Kids Learn about Philanthropy

By Jan Helson & Rachel Annette Helson
Pixel Entertainment, $16.99, 32 pages

Global Girl and her sidekick, Little Big-Heart, are superheroes. When Global Girl alerts her pal that Krumi, the dark cloud, is spreading apathy and selfishness, they need to recruit girls and boys throughout the world to help battle things like need, hunger and hurt. In The Global Game Changers by Jan Helson and Rachel Annette Helson, readers meet real life kids like Phoebe from California. She collects food and delivers it to the San Francisco Food Bank. Krumi cloud can’t touch Phoebe because she is passionate about community service. The Global Game Changers teach her that even little kids can be superheroes! Meet Jaylen from Florida. He helps people learn to fight bullying. He has even formed his own support group. Hannah in Ohio collects socks to give to homeless people in need. Are the Global Game Changers coming for you next? What can you do to help the world? Rachel Annette Helson’s illustrations are bold and bright. After finishing the book, readers can visit The Global Game Changers Headquarters online and tell their own stories of good or cast your vote for which charity you would like to help.

Reviewed by Kathryn Franklin

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