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The Six-Gun Tarot is The Perfect Book

By R.S. Belcher
Tor, $25.99, 364 pages

In The Six-Gun Tarot author R.S. Belcher has crafted the perfect novel. Blending themes of fantasy, western, romance, and action, there is nothing missing from this brilliant story. Jim Negrey is a boy on the run after getting revenge on his father’s murderer. Jim ends up in the 40-mile, a stretch of desert outside of Golgotha, Nevada, out of water and nearly dead. When he is rescued and brought to Golgotha it seems like any other small, frontier town. Soon though, a group of strangers start digging in the old mine outside of town and unearth something darker and more sinister than anyone can fathom.

What makes The Six-Gun Tarot so enjoyable is the fact the author blends so many great factors together; it is just a pleasure to read. The story opens like a western, just a boy and his horse in the desert. Shortly after it is revealed the sheriff is immortal, then a love triangle develops between a German shop owner and his wife’s best friend. So many things happen in this story, seamlessly, it is impossible not to enjoy.

The only issue that occurred was about ⅔ of the way through the book the story started to slow down. The author was attempting to pack so much information in, that the story got put aside for several pages.

Anyone who enjoys fantasy, sci/fi, literary fiction, love stories, or any combination thereof, should do themselves a favor and buy a copy of The Six-Gun Tarot.

Reviewed by Andrew Keyser

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