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Truth or Consequences

By Lauren Oliver

Harper, $16.99, 246 pages

Telling stories has gotten Liza in more trouble with her mother than anyone could care to imagine. Liza is not a liar, but when her brother’s soul gets taken by the Spindlers, Liza finds no support from her parents to track it down. She is forced to follow her heart and go below where the queen of Spindlers await. A fully-clothed rat named Mirabella may be her only lead on where to find her brother. The journey will be full of other surprising creatures as well as some very dangerous obstacles. But Liza is brave and her love for her family provides her with the courage to go on. Armed with only a broom, Liza will find something more than her brother’s soul. The value of friendship, family and perseverance will bring Liza closer to understanding that hope can be found just about anywhere.

“I didn’t think hope was something that grew,” Liza said.
“Of course it grows,” Mirabella said, “What else would it do? Sing?”

Lauren Oliver stuns with such a candid narrator and memorable characters in this adventure for younger readers.

Reviewed by Isabel Hernandez

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