The Trouble with Flirting3 star



An Unmemorable, Relaxing Beach Read

By Claire LaZebnik
Harper Teen, $9.99, 313 pages

A summer spent at a theater program is almost what Franny Pearson had in mind for vacation. But Franny is there as the assistant of the costume director, her aunt. She would much rather be part of the group of high school students that are formally attending, but quickly makes friends when she realizes that her middle-school crush, Alex, is also attending. When it seems that Alex may be more interested in the graceful Isabella, Franny decides on a care-free summer with the charming Harry. Trouble is, Harry is something else and soon Franny has a messy love life brewing on top of friendship drama.

From the beginning, Franny just inserts herself in the group of teenagers arriving at a Portland college. Everyone is eager to make friends, but the relationships were deep and complex too soon in the story to be realistic. The summer heat likely added to the indecisiveness of the characters and their ever-changing romantic interests, but it made rooting for the main characters difficult because of the lack of chemistry. A fast read, this book is fluffy, fun and ends with an interesting twist.

Reviewed by Isabel Hernandez

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