Tweet Hearts5stars



Pop-Up Love

By Susan Reagan
Robin Corey Books, $5.99, 20 pages

Tell your loved ones how much you care for them with a cute book that celebrates hearts, happiness and love. Author Susan Reagan previously worked with American Greetings. Now she shares her gift of expressing emotions in her first illustrated book, Tweet Hearts. Two little yellow birds interact with happy hearts in order to count down from ten to one. Fun rhyming text accompanies the countdown. A darling chicken uses a magnet to pull ten hearts towards him. The other chick sets nine fluttering hearts free from a bird cage. Seven silly hearts slide down the teeter totter. Six multi-colored hearts float up in the sky like hot air balloons as the chicks fly by and say hello. Three shy hearts tag along and watch their chicken friends exchange flowers. Readers of any age will adore this colorful, charming book. Celebrate love with these two little lovebirds. Practice counting and be surprised by a cute pop-up on the last page.

Reviewed by Kathryn Franklin

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