Unravel Me4stars



Things Fall Apart

By Tahereh Mafi
Harper, $17.99, 480 pages, 4 stars

Juliette’s arrival at Omega Point – a refuge for people with special powers – has not given her the happiness she anticipated. Plagued by fear of others and, most of all, fear of herself, she keeps to herself and stays away from the people she needs the most. With a battle on the horizon between the rebels and the Reestablishment, Juliette must decide whether to continue hiding or to embrace her true power and take up her own place in the fight.

Unravel Me is the stunning second novel in the Juliette trilogy.  The story, told from Juliette’s perspective, follows her as she struggles with fears that others hate her, her love triangle between good boy Adam and bad boy Warner.

Additionally, it shows her growth in both her power, confidence and decisions about who she is and, more importantly, who she wants to be. The blend of a dystopian world with superhero-style characters is entertaining and original. Readers should definitely start with the first novel but fans of fantasy and young adult books will definitely want to check out this new addition to the field.

Reviewed by Barbara Cothern

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