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Fun Facts about the Valentine Holiday

By Jacqueline Farmer, Illustrated by Megan Halsey & Sean Addy
Charlesbridge Publishing, $7.95, 32 pages

Ever wonder how the Valentine holiday came to be? Jacqueline Farmer’s book Valentine Be Mine provides all the captivating facts surrounding this very popular holiday. For example, the holiday gets its name from three religious Roman figures in the second century. And all three of these figures died on February 14th! Geoffrey Chaucer linked the holiday to romance with one of his poems, “The Parliament of Birds”.  Charles, Duke of Orleans, wrote the first valentine which resulted in love poems and sentimental thoughts being written on cards that were decorated in the 1800’s. This book also shares how to make a valentine mouse and tissue paper flowers. Valentine Be Mine also reveals the meaning behind various flowers, how the Japanese celebrate Valentines and even divulges a few corny Valentine jokes. This book is a colorful, whimsical book focused on all things valentines. It imparts many interesting facts about the holiday and shows how historical happenings really do influence present-day celebrations. Holiday and history buffs will be equally thrilled with this fun little gem of a book.

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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