Vistas of Many Worlds A Journey Through Space and Time5stars



There’s More to Stars Than Twinkling Lights

By Erik Anderson
Ashland Astronomy Studio, $29.95, 128 pages

Vista of Many Worlds: A Journey Through Space and Time by Erik Anderson is an excellent book for those passionate about astronomy. Highly informational, Anderson does an excellent job of brilliantly illustrating the Galaxy for those of us who find it hard to imagine with our own minds, yet staying accurate to all aspects. This book is useful not only for advanced astronomers, but for the novice, too, who are just beginning their education. Anderson creates an atmosphere easy for those to follow who are new to the terms and specifics of this broad genre of study.

Anderson expertly guides us through the stars, relating to us the specifics of each aspect in an entirely understandable way that is easily grasped by even the most novice of astronomers. With each breath-taking illustration, the reader is taken to a new level of understanding the vast concepts of our universal systems. Some are vivid of theoretical life, showing what the star may look like from an inhabitant’s view. All are hypothetical in their assumptions of life. However, every star is entirely real. Anderson brilliantly bases his ideas through his work.

On the accurate side of things, Anderson is highly detailed in his descriptions of each star as we know them to be. Throughout the book, he displays ten stars and their planets within twenty light years, such as the stars; Altair, or Alpha Centauri. His illustrations are magnificent and imaginative, bringing us closer to the idea of each star’s vibrant existence. His extensive detailing of each star’s history is also a perfect addition to this book. Mixed with his theoretical ideas of planets, the book comes to a perfect combination of imagination and information for all readers to enjoy.

If you are an astronomer or even an astronomer at heart, this is the book for you.

Reviewed by Taylor Pittman

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