What Happens At Christmas4.5stars




By Victoria Alexander
Kensington Publishing, $16.95, 395 pages

Every girl dreams of marrying a prince. Camille, Lady Lydingham– a young and wealthy widow– isn’t an exception. She thinks she’ll meet one and eventually has that opportunity. The handsome and dashing Nicolai tells her that he is a traveling incognito prince of some tiny country in Europe. He is obsessed with Dickens’ Christmas works and is very interested in lovely Camille. The situation is perfect: the time is near Christmas and Camille wants to give Nicolai a traditional English Christmas in anticipation of a proposal. Camille’s mother and the younger sister are spending time in Paris, so she hires a troupe of actors to play roles of her missing family. Seems to be a brilliant idea, doesn’t it? But for Camille’s surprise not only her mother and the sister appear in the middle of entertainment but also her father (thought to be dead) and, more importantly, her first love, Grayson Elliot. Who does her heart belong to now?

What Happens At Christmas by bestselling author, Victoria Alexander is a wonderful, cozy read. Similar to a Shakespearean play, this book will make you wonder what happens next not only at the holiday season.

Reviewed by M. Chris Johnson

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