Action!- Professor Know-It-All's Illustrated Guide to Film4stars



A Learner’s Permit for the Novice Filmmaker

By Bill Brown
Microcosm Publishing, $11.95, 160 pages

We can all use a quick refresher in how to make movies, especially with the ubiquity of video. Action!: Professor Know-It-All’s Illustrated Guide to Film & Video Making looks at the basics of taking pictures and filming. Combined with puzzles to help you remember the various terms, the book is designed to make sure that someone interested in making movies, no matter how short, is well prepared for the task.

This is the kind of book you get for someone who is just beginning to get into film and has a lot of questions. This book will answer most basic questions but should be considered just the entry point; Brown only looks at the very basics and has some fun introducing them to a new crowd. The book is written in a simple format that’s easy to read and will enable even the rankest novice to quickly learn how to take pictures and make great film on his own. With this book and a good basic camera, someone could easily get going in a few hours. For anyone tired of taking all the wrong shots or just trying to figure things out, this is a great learner’s permit.

Reviewed by Jamais Jochim

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