Amy, My Daughter4stars



By Mitch Winehouse
It Books, $27.99, 304 pages

In this intimate biography, Mitch Winehouse takes readers through the life and trials of his talented daughter, Amy Winehouse. Separating the facts from the tabloid tales, Mitch tells the story of a young woman of uncommon talent and generosity whose struggles with addiction and alcohol eventually lead to her death. True to its title from beginning to end, Amy, My Daughter is about family. The private story of a very public person, Mitch’s revealing book shares what it means to be a parent, for better or for worse. Although his love for his daughter is evident on every page, Mitch resists making excuses for Amy’s outrageous behavior and speaks honestly about his frustration with her seemingly endless cycles of addiction.

“Amy was a great girl with a huge heart. Please keep her in yours.”

Fans will delight in the books family photos and insights into Amy’s music, but even readers who are less familiar with the singer will empathize with the author.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Goss

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