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Learn to Count from 1 to 20

By Basher
Kingfisher, $16.99, 48 pages

Would you like to help your youngster learn to count from 1 to 20? Add a copy of Basher 123 to your home library. This creative counting book is written by Simon Basher who is known as an author and artist. He uses digital media and graphic design to illustrate his books. Basher adds magic to numbers 1 to 20 and makes it fun to go through the countdown. Each number is expressed as a numeral, in its word form and in its place on a number line. The opposite page reinforces the concept in text. Five caterpillars blow bubbles. Eleven butterflies wear sunglasses. Basher also introduces adjectives. The caterpillars are smart and butterflies are glamorous. And the illustrations are unique and engaging. Thirteen snails are different colors and each face has a different expression. Angry ants are all pouting because it is too hot for them. Sleepy spiders all doze off in bed. The final pages review the numbers and the featured creatures. Little ones can use a pointer or finger to count the total amount of each animal. Kids will be counting to 20 in no time with this book.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin

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