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Bye Bye Birdies

By John Sazaklis, Illustrated by Steven E. Gordon & Eric A. Gordon
Harper Festival, $3.99, 24 pages

The citizens of Gotham City have been plagued by a rash of robberies. Their most valuable possessions have been stolen from their homes. At each crime scene only one clue is found – bird feathers. Sounds like a job for Batman! At the Batcave, Alfred helps Bruce Wayne (aka Batman) research the latest thefts. A news report alerts TV viewers that Gotham City’s birds have not yet returned from their migrations. This is so unusual that Batman thinks it must be connected to the thefts. But who could mastermind such fowl play? Why, the Penguin, of course!

In Fowl Play, author John Sazaklis takes readers on a crime-solving adventure as world-famous superhero Batman tracks down an evil, bird-brained villain named Penguin, who spent all winter hypnotizing the birds into doing his bidding, including flying into open windows to steal. What an evil plan! Too bad Batman is on the case or Penguin might have gotten away with it. Bet just when the story seems finished, Penguin uses a secret button in his umbrella to turn it into a jet pack and fly away. Can Batman stop the villain’s escape? Boys and girls will thoroughly enjoy this age-appropriate, adventure-packed thriller. Steven E. Gordon’s illustrations add depth to the characters and the story. Bright, bold color choices help the figures appear to pop off the page like they do in the comic books.

Reviewed by Kathryn Franklin

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