BatmobileThe Complete History5stars



By Mark Cotta Vaz
Insight Editions, $35.00, 142 pages

In all of literature, television, video games, toys, comics and film, few forms of transportation stand out as much as the Batmobile. When Batman and the vehicle arrive to save the day, it’s crime fighting at its best. In Christopher Nolan’s successful Dark Knight trilogy, the Batmobile is given even more unique capabilities and fantastic qualities.

“A black thunderbolt on wheels, a swift nemesis to lawbreakers, a mighty machine of justice … that’s the Batmobile.”

Batmobile: The Complete History, by Mark Cotta Vaz, takes auto and superhero fans on a high-speed journey through the evolution of this iconic and incomparable machine, examining each version and adaptation over the years. As technology has evolved, so has the car’s design. Learn about the changes by studying original blueprints, concept sketches, movie and television stills, artist renditions and patent drawings. As the curator of “The Art of the Dark Knight,” a 50th anniversary exhibition of original Batman comic art, Vaz is certainly one of the foremost experts on the subject. He nicely balances excellent writing and spectacular photographs. Vaz’s book is a stunning tribute to the artistry that has gone into creating such an iconic vehicle.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin

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