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Tough Lessons in Being Too Honest

By Donna W. Earnhardt, with Illustrations by Andrea Castellani
Flashlight Press, $16.95, 32 pages

Frank is a forthcoming little boy – he is sure to tell his neighbors, teachers, friends and family exactly what he’s thinking, even if it hurts their feelings. When he gets in trouble for telling people their breath stinks or that a dress makes them look fat, Frank is confused because he was just being honest. Luckily, after spending an afternoon with his grandpa, Frank learns a lesson in filtering his responses by focusing on the positives and giving constructive criticism in a nice way.

Being Frank, by Donna W. Earnhardt, is an essential book for teaching children manners. It is also a great book to help explain the fine line we all walk between being honest and being kind. Young readers – between the ages of three and eight – will learn from Frank’s mistakes while giggling at some of the outrageous things he says. Andrea Castellani’s colorful, cartoonish illustrations of the wacky things the people around Frank wear complement Earnhardt’s story and are sure to keep children’s attention.

Reviewed by Sophie Sestero

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