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Not the Betty Your Mother Knew …

By Annie & Dan Shannon
Grand Central Life & Style, $26.99, 480 pages

Vegetarianism and veganism are much more commonplace these days than they were a decade ago, and in light of the mainstream emergence of these alternative food lifestyles, life has become much more comfortable in some respects for people of the vegan persuasion. This is evidenced not only by a plethora of vegan restaurants and easily accessible ingredients, but also by amazing cookbooks like Annie and Dan Shannon’s Betty Goes Vegan: 500 Classic Recipes for the Modern Family.

By presenting the vegan renditions of a variety of comfort foods – from breakfast and dinner to condiments, over-easy eggs and roasts to salsas – the Shannons have shown that there’s something in the vegan repertoire for everyone. They have also shown that, in spite of what some people might think, the options in vegan cooking are as varied and exciting as those in the non-vegan world. And even if you aren’t a vegan, Betty Goes Vegan provides a fun, unique take on a wide variety of classic dishes. There’s something in here for everyone. Who knows, it might even make the meat eaters in your life happy … at least throughout dinner.

I plan on trying the recipes on everyone I know.

Reviewed by Ashley McCall

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