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Another Superb Attorney Jack Swyteck Case

By James Grippando
Harper, $26.99, 342 pages

In a notorious case, criminal defense attorney Jack Swyteck is threatened and even assaulted. The woman he was assigned to defend, Sydney Bennett, is reviled by the public and attacked by the press after being charged with the murder of her young daughter. She is accused of killing the child in order to continue living a carefree life of partying. When she is found not guilty, the outrage escalates. Whipped up by the media, protesters have gathered on the courthouse steps throughout the trial and then outside the jail from which Sydney is to be released. A young woman who looks like Sydney is attacked in the melee and ends up comatose in a hospital. The surprises continue throughout the book.

New York Times best selling author James Grippando has written 20 novels, 10 of them about criminal defense attorney Jack Swyteck. Grippando was a trial lawyer for 12 years before the publication of his first novel in 1994. He lives in South Florida with his wife, three children, two cats and dog.

Grippando just keeps getting better and better. The likeable characters add richness to the drama of mystery and danger. Several times in this novel, just when you think you know the outcome, there is a stunning twist. This is the most engrossing novel yet from Grippando.

Reviewed by Fran Byram

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