Born to Be Brad5stars



More Than Just Your Usual Memoir – with a Touch of Style Added, the Brad Goreski Version!

By Brad Goreski with Mickey Rapkin
!t Books, $17.99, 246 pages

Born to be Brad is more than just a memoir, as I learned while reading it. Brad is probably known to many of you from the Rachel Zoe Show (she’s a fashion stylist to the stars), who eventually moved on and got his first break styling actress Jessica Alba. This memoir gives the reader not just fashion top 10 lists, but also lists from a personal and professional perspective. From what to wear on a plane to how to go about working in the fashion world – even which coffee table books are good for your living room – his life is an open book and he shares a lot with his readers, from his obsessions with Marilyn Monroe and Madonna to his personal life, including his life partner Gary.

Reading this memoir, I didn’t feel that he was pushing fashion down my throat (when I am sure that he could have added more of it). It’s more of a fashion guide/how to be the best possible you/here’s my personal life, please let me share my stories book. I think that whomever picks this up will truly enjoy reading and learning not only about Brad’s foray into the world of fashion but also Brad’s own world. And, as Brad has already learned along the way, always remember to be yourself.

Reviewed by Annie Hicks

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