Canary in the Coal Mine4stars



A Small But Brave Bird

By Madelyn Rosenberg
Holiday House, $17.95, 140 pages

His bravery, courage, social skills and ability to persevere more than makes up for his small size. We are talking about “Bitty,” a coal mine canary on a mission in Madelyn Rosenberg’s book Canary in the Coal Mine. Bitty travels to the state capitol to fix things for his coal mine friends who face danger everyday. He meets some unlikely and unusual characters along the way. His new friends encourage him and take care of him while he is away from home. Bitty learns new languages like Chipmunk and Armadillo. He also sees new places, meets new people and most important of all, makes new friends. Canary in the Coal Mine is a great book but it has a slow start.

Reviewed by Alyssa Elwell

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