Christmas at the Toy Museum5stars



A Magical Surprise for the Toys

By David Lucas
Candlewick Press, $15.99, 32 pages

Christmas is a time of giving. People exchange presents with each other and children look forward to opening gifts from Santa on Christmas morning. Bunting the Cat and the rest of the toys in the museum are excited too! It is Christmas Eve and all the toys gather by the decorated tree, but there aren’t any presents underneath the branches! Bunting has a brilliant idea: The toys can give themselves to each other as gifts! Author David Lucas’ Christmas at the Toy Museum will be a delightful addition to your holiday book collection. They toys all wrap each other in turn. Wee Scottie the Windup Dog wraps Pip the Monkey. Wee Scottie is wrapped by Falooda, who is wrapped by The Wooden Soldier. (Discover the names of the twenty-two toys on the book’s inside front cover). Little do the toys know that an angel (not a toy – a real angel!) is watching from the top of the tree. She is moved by the love the toys show each other. On Christmas morning the toys take turns unwrapping their friends. Guess what the special angel has in store for the members of the toy museum? What is in the tiny golden box that is tied with a pretty ribbon? After reading Christmas at the Toy Museum, young readers will discover that magic can happen even for their favorite toys. Lucas’s beautiful illustrations are created using ink and watercolors. Each toy has a unique personality, and kids will surely find a favorite.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin

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