City of a Thousand Dolls5stars



By Miriam Forster
Harper Teen, $17.99, 360 pages

In a unique position, Nisha Arvi is not part of a single house in the City of a Thousand Dolls. Nisha runs errands for the Matron in this refuge for unwanted girls. Often left at a very young age, they can be trained in one of the houses for a specialty which allows them to change and improve their caste. But when murders start occurring within the city, talks of closing down the haven arise. Nisha’s own future relies on her finding the killer before another girl is murdered. And the next target could be Nisha.

“The air seemed to thicken around Nisha, holding her in place. She could only watch as the old woman reached over and touched the tiger engraved into Nisha’s own skin.”

Miriam Forster weaves an intricate tale full of subtle magic and undeniable peril. Although the villain may be easy to discern early on, a complex relationship arises between characters to create a worthwhile plot. It is a story of first loves, mystery and Nisha’s own past as well as her future. Held in high suspense, readers will find Nisha to be a strong narrator. The various characters add to this beautifully written story and make City of a Thousand Dolls a memorable read.

Reviewed by Isabel Hernandez

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