One Wild Holiday Adventure

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One Wild Holiday Adventure

By Rob Sanders, Illustrated by John Manders
Golden Books, $10.99, 32 pages

Dwight, Darryl and Dub are real cowboys. They love being out on the range, tending the cows and riding horses. But they never thought they would have to spend Christmas out in the boonies, surrounded by tumbleweeds. It is three days until Christmas and the pals are worried that Santy Claus will never find them. No presents. No stockings. No Santy. Cookie (the camp chef) is the only one who doesn’t seem to be concerned. As the cowboys pout, Cookie suggests they decorate their own cowboy Christmas tree and make their own sugar cookies. In Cowboys Christmas, author Rob Sanders tells the story of how some sullen cowboys use their creativity to add festive cheer to their holiday. From the individual characteristics of each bowlegged cowboy to the stampeding herd of cartoon cows, John Manders’ illustrations are entertaining and fun. A cactus serves as a tree base and pieces of golden hay and tin cans are the ornaments. It may not be pretty, but it will have to do! Their charred sugar-molasses-baked-bean cookies are…delicious? Soon it’s Christmas morning and the cowboys drive the cattle out to graze. With low feelings, they mend fences and mind the herd. It looks like Santy Claus has forgotten the cowboys after all. But when they round up the cattle and head back to camp, an amazing surprise awaits them! Read Cowboy Christmas to see if Santy Claus actually found the friends out on the range. Did Cookie play a part in creating a bit of holiday magic? Adults and kids will enjoy reading this wild, festive tale.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin

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