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Humanity’s Fate is in Their Hands

By K.W. Jeter and Gareth Jefferson Jones
Thomas Dunne Books, $25.99, 294 pages

When Nathaniel is a boy, his dying alcoholic father gives him to Death in exchange for a few more miserable years of life. The boy becomes Death’s apprentice, helping to collect souls at their final hour. Now, 17-year-old Nathaniel is ready to face his biggest challenge. Seven-foot-tall Hank suffers from pantophobia – an absence of fear. Because of that he’s become a hired assassin, able to walk into the most dangerous situations without an ounce of doubt or hesitation. In Afghanistan, a soldier named Blake is tricked by the Devil into giving up half his soul. Now he lives to seek revenge for all the pain the demon has caused the world. In an apocalyptic world, it is up to this trio of unlikely champions to battle the Devil. A war against evil always has a price, and it could be their very souls.

Death’s Apprentice, by K.W. Jeter and Gareth Jefferson Jones, is the first installment in the action-packed Grimm City series. The authors based the story on the Brothers Grimm fairy tales and some of the lesser-known Grimm essays. Readers can expect many battle scenes with detailed descriptions of blood and gore. The people of Grimm City speak of a prophecy – three heroes will arrive with an army and face down the Devil and his demons. The fight will decide humanity’s fate. Could Nathaniel, Hank and Blake be the chosen three?

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin

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