Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success4stars



Lots of Good Tips for Any Salesperson

By Colleen Stanley
Amacom, $17.95, 204 pages

Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success, by Colleen Stanley, is another winner from Amacom Books. Stanley suggests that even the most skilled sales professional can get derailed in today’s highly competitive market. Companies spend millions of dollars training salespeople on the definitive steps in the sales cycle but have failed to teach the soft skills for sales success.

Stanley contends that salespeople need to identify and understand their emotions in order to connect and respond to their prospects, especially in high-pressure situations. Two critical emotional intelligence skills that salespeople need to apply are self-awareness and assertiveness. Self-awareness is when you know what you are feeling and why you are feeling it. Assertiveness means knowing how to say something when you need to (and saying it nicely).

Stanley’s book is full of practical advice coupled with tons of case studies. Stanley offers many suggestions on how to position and use the “right” response to lead a conversation to sales success. Even the most seasoned sales professionals will find tidbits of advice to improve their career.

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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