Everyday Writing Tips and Prompts to Fit Your Regulary Scheduled Life5stars



A Pocketful of Inspiration for Those Who Struggle to Find Time to Write

By Midge Raymond
Ashland Creek Press, $14.50, 150 pages

On first perusing Everyday Writing, one immediately notices its size. This slight volume fits perfectly into a purse or large pocket, and that is exactly where it should be. Raymond divides her book into two sections. In the first, she offers tips for maintaining a writing life in the midst of our endlessly busy lives. In the second, she provides writing prompts for whatever time is available, be it five minutes stolen from a hectic day or a lengthy writing retreat. While some of her advice is familiar, Raymond writes in a way that gives the reader real hope that a writing life is possible. Of particular interest are Raymond’s clever tips for being a writer when one doesn’t feel like writing. Because of the book’s size, the reader can revisit Raymond’s encouragement or try a prompt any time, such as when waiting for the dentist or sitting through a child’s soccer practice.

The world does not lack for books on the craft of writing. That said, Everyday Writing is a book worth owning and pocketing for those who struggle to make time for writing.

Reviewed by Annie Peters

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