Fatal Impact4stars



By Robert Thornton
CreateSpace, $9.99, 402 pages

Just ten minutes after takeoff, Jared Burch’s plane crashes. Although there are no survivors, Jared’s remains are missing from the crash site. But is Jared really dead? When his wife Marion hears his voice on her answering machine asking for help, she sets out on a life changing journey to discover answers. So begins Fatal Impact, Robert Thornton’s new eBook. Fans of science fiction and thrillers will enjoy this story about the fate of a missing physicist and the advanced technology he created which falls into the hands of terrorists.

Thornton knows how to successfully write a thrilling scene. He teases his audience just enough to keep them reading to find out more. His chapters are very short and switch between characters, locations, chases, fights and conversations. There is little chance that a reader will get bored.

“Before you stands the greatest means of travel since the Wright Brothers’ discovery of flight.”

Thornton’s detailed descriptions of the physical attributes of his characters are excessive and distracting. It is clear that he wants readers to know that his main characters are African American. But his mention of nearly every person’s weight (i.e. “an overweight white trooper with a paunch twice as large…and a couple of chins”) doesn’t enhance the plot in any way and becomes tedious and repetitive.

Readers who can overlook these passages are in for a treat. Thornton’s book is one part FBI vs. terrorist thriller, one part quantum mechanics sci-fi, one part romance and an overall captivating read until the last page.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin

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