Hadon of Ancient Opar4stars



By Philip Jose Farmer
Titan Books, $12.95, 332 pages

In the land of Khokarsa, the king is the man who conquers the Great Games of Klakor. Hadon becomes the latest winner by defeating all standing before him in tests of speed, strength and swordsmanship. However, before this youth from Opar can sit upon the throne beside the lovely high priestess Awineth, he must embark on a quest through the wilds of Africa in search of a fallen god. What follows is an adventure of epic proportions filled with action, romance and surprising complexity.

“His last vision of glorious Opar had been like a dream dying in a god’s mind.”

Hadon of Ancient Opar is a very well-written piece of Lost World fiction. Author Philip Jose Farmer put great care into the crafting of this world, especially the complex system of gods and goddesses the Khokarsans worship. The human characters are equally interesting, with perhaps the most entertaining being the giant Kwasin, who carries a grudge against Hadon and has an unstoppable bloodlust. Readers should be cautioned that this novel is not a stand-alone; it is only the first leg of a much larger journey. But should readers desire to throw caution to the wind and set forth into the larger world of Khokarsa, they will not be disappointed by the wild ride.

Reviewed by Michael Albani

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