By Cynthia Hand
Harper Teen, $9.99, 407 pages

Clara Gardner’s story continues in this second installment of the Unearthly series. But things will get much more complicated as she tries harder and harder to ignore her destiny. Clara’s roles as sister, daughter, friend and girlfriend will be tested to the limit. Plenty of secrets will unravel and Clara will finally grow into the angel she is, but the process might tear her world apart.

“Loneliness. Separation, always this sense of separation from everything good in this life.”

As the plot thickens, the action gets better. The writing is more vivid and Clara’s growth as a character is magnificent. In Hallowed, she learns how to better manage her powers and also her personality, making her a much more enjoyable narrator. This novel provides more questions than answers and the excitement will undoubtedly continue. Fans of the series will find that Hallowed offers a more dimensional heroine and introduces fresh, new members to the cast.

Reviewed by Isabel Hernandez

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